Representative Patents


1 9,540,623 Full-Text Method for increasing the efficiency of double-strand-break induced mutagenesis
2 9,540,609 Full-Text Lactobacillus rhamnosus food grade bacteria
3 9,512,476 Full-Text Method of DNA sequencing by hybridisation
4 9,511,136 Full-Text Immunogenic compounds comprising HIV GP41 peptide coupled to CRM197 carrier protein
5 9,499,799 Full-Text Cells and methodology to generate non-segmented negative-strand RNA viruses
6 9,493,829 Full-Text Method of DNA sequencing by polymerisation
7 9,492,524 Full-Text Plague vaccine
8 9,476,086 Full-Text Bacteriophage with activity against pathogenic strains of Salmonella
9 9,475,870 Full-Text Single domain binding molecule
10 9,442,114 Full-Text Isolated and purified strains of Chikungunya virus and polynucleotides and polypeptides sequences, diagnostic and immunogenical uses thereof
11 9,410,139 Full-Text Recombinant adenylate cyclase toxin of bordetella induces T cell responses against tumoral antigens
12 9,404,142 Full-Text Screening methods for identifying Plasmodium proteases inhibitors
13 9,403,880 Full-Text Identification of a human gyrovirus and applications
14 9,403,871 Full-Text Methods for treating pain by administering peptides derived from human basic proline-rich lacrimal protein
15 9,392,792 Full-Text Topical combination of fipronil, permethrin and pyriproxyfen
16 9,387,243 Full-Text Recombinant protein carrying human papillomavirus epitopes inserted in an adenylate cyclase protein or fragment thereof therapeutic uses thereof
17 9,382,338 Full-Text Polysaccharide and derivatives thereof, showing affinity to ficolin-3, method of preparation and use
18 9,370,564 Full-Text Vectors for molecule delivery to CD11b expressing cells
19 9,365,864 Full-Text Meganuclease recombination system
20 9,359,323 Full-Text Compound
21 9,347,088 Full-Text Molecular signature of liver tumor grade and use to evaluate prognosis and therapeutic regimen
22 9,328,163 Full-Text Post-translationally modified neurotrophin antibodies
23 9,328,146 Full-Text Lentiviral gene transfer vectors and their medicinal applications
24 9,315,552 Full-Text Recombinant cytotoxin as well as a method of producing it
25 9,290,748 Full-Text Use of endonucleases for inserting transgenes into safe harbor loci
26 9,273,276 Full-Text Devices and methods for pharmacokinetic-based cell culture system
27 9,273,094 Full-Text Opiorphin peptide derivatives as potent inhibitors of enkephalin-degrading ectopeptidases
28 9,243,221 Full-Text Compositions and methods of functionally enhanced in vitro cell culture system
29 9,238,824 Full-Text Lentiviral triplex DNA, and vectors and recombinant cells containing lentiviral triplex DNA
30 9,222,143 Full-Text Mutant CyaA polypeptides and polypeptide derivatives suitable for the delivery of immunogenic molecules into a cell
31 9,201,076 Full-Text Upregulation of rack-1 in melanoma and its use as a marker
32 9,173,933 Full-Text Recombinant modified vaccinia virus Ankara influenza vaccine
33 9,164,107 Full-Text HMGB1 and anti-HMGB1 antibodies for the prognostic of neurological disorders
34 9,164,103 Full-Text Monitoring and inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection by modulating HMGB1 dependent triggering of HIV-1 replication and persistence
35 9,163,237 Full-Text Replication deficient recombinant viruses expressing antigens regulated by transcriptional control elements comprising multiple elements
36 9,149,515 Full-Text Interferon-alpha-producing bone marrow dendritic cells
37 9,109,234 Full-Text Lentiviral vector based immunological compounds against malaria
38 9,109,233 Full-Text Recombinant poxvirus expressing homologous genes inserted
39 9,109,219 Full-Text MGMT-based method for obtaining high yields of recombinant protein expression
40 9,109,201 Full-Text Purification of vaccinia viruses using hydrophobic interaction chromatography
41 9,096,868 Full-Text Polynucleotides allowing the expression and secretion of recombinant pseudo-virus containing foreign epitopes, their production, and use
42 9,095,537 Full-Text Therapy of cancer based on targeting adaptive, innate and/or regulatory component of the immune response
43 9,074,186 Full-Text Production of red blood cells and platelets from stem cells
44 9,074,182 Full-Text Differentiated pluripotent stem cell progeny depleted of extraneous phenotypes
45 9,029,145 Full-Text Chondrogenic progenitor cells, protocol for derivation of cells and uses thereof
46 9,023,645 Full-Text Isolated in vitro cell population comprising primate pluripotent stem cells containing a nucleic acid construct and differentiated progeny of the pluripotent stem cells
47 9,012,214 Full-Text Recombinant measles viruses expressing epitopes of antigens of RNA viruses–use for the preparation of vaccine compositions
48 9,005,961 Full-Text Infectious cDNA of an approved vaccine strain of measles virus, use for immunogenic compositions
49 9,547,006 Full-Text Correlation of disease activity with clonal expansions of human papillomavirus 16-specific CD8+ T-cells in patients with severe erosive oral lichen planus
50 9,546,380 Full-Text MGMT-based method for obtaining high yields of recombinant protein expression